Payment in full is preferred, however, we are more than happy to sort out individual payment plans! We are very flexible like this.

Not at all! Your first lesson can just be paid for on its own. If you decide to stay, you’ll be invoiced for the rest of the term. If you decide not to continue, you won’t be invoiced further!

As long as you let us know by 11am the morning of your lesson, the lesson is still charged BUT a make up lesson will be organised at your convenience. If you let us know after 11am, the lesson is charged as normal and no make up lesson will be offered.

For our Saturday students, we just need to know by Friday night if you can’t attend Saturday.

Please have a read of our studio policy here.

Our schedules are locked in on a week-to-week basis so we don’t offer fortnightly lessons. However, if you know someone who wants to share your lesson time, you can alternate weeks!

Our teachers are all highly trained individuals with exceptional knowledge of the music industry. We do our best to keep our price point accessible to people of all walks of life but we do not give discounts of any sort for our classes.

We believe that the earlier a child starts learning technique, the better! We take students from 5 years old and we tend to split their half hour private lessons into 15minute blocks of two skills. For eg: 15mins singing and 15mins piano. It’s a great way to break up the session while exposing the child to a few different skills!

We have taken 4 year olds in the past but this is on a case to case basis depending on maturity and focus.

Absolutely! Why should kids have all the fun?! We love beginners and it is never too late to start! Music is a fantastic hobby, so even if you’re not an aspiring entertainer or musician, lessons will be great for you!

We are at the studio via appointment only, so if you pop in, while you’re welcome to hang out in our waiting room, it’s unlikely that anyone will actually be available to chat!

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