Due to an elevated number of people not paying for their lessons, please note the new payment policy for Vocal Adrenaline as of January 2019.

  1. If this is your first term at Vocal Adrenaline, you are able to pay for your lessons per week provided you stay one week advance. Once you are onto your second term, please refer to the information below.
  2. If this is not your first term at Vocal Adrenaline, all invoices must be paid in full. This includes both private and group lessons.
    • Fees must be paid by Monday, week 1 of lessons commencing.
  3. If paying in full is difficult for you, we allow 2 instalments to be paid.
    • The first half of the invoice must be paid by the first Monday of the first week of term.
    • The second half of the invoice must be paid by Monday of week 5 of the term.
  4. If your first instalment isn’t paid by first week of term, you will be changed over to our final payment option which is an automatic debit from your credit card. This incurs a 2.3% fee and is a one-time set up per term. Once you opt in, you’ll be charged automatically at the same time each week for the amount of weeks in the term. Payments will cease after term ends. 
  5. Any invoices not paid by the above times will result in the lesson time being revoked until the invoice is paid. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to enforce these rules due to previous lack of payments. This does mean that if the invoice has not been paid and you show up for your lesson, you will be called to take your child home.
  6. If you haven’t paid your invoice by the due date and you have ceased communication with us, after several attempts of trying to contact you we will refer the debt to our debt collector – eCollect.
    • The customer shall pay the Supplier (Vocal Adrenaline) for for all costs incurred by the Supplier (including costs for which the Supplier may be contingently liable) in any attempt to collect monies owed by the Customer to the Supplier under this Agreement including debt collection agent costs, repossession costs, location search costs, process server costs and solicitor costs on a solicitor client basis.


  1. Monday – Friday AFTERNOON students must notify Danielle by 11am the morning of their lesson or the lesson will still be charged as normal. Cancellations must be done via text or email.
  2. Saturday students and students with lessons before 1pm any day of the week must notify Danielle by 8pm the night before their lesson or the lesson will still be charged as normal. Cancellations must be done via text or email.
  3. If you simply forget, or do not show up to your lesson, the lesson will still be charged as normal.
  4. If you call Danielle (even if you leave a voicemail), the cancellation will not be accepted and the lesson will be charged as normal. Cancellations MUST be done via text or emailWe feel that our cancellation policy is extremely fair and gives you a chance to notify us if you wake up unwell. Please understand that your time slot is yours alone and your teacher is there for you. If you don’t show up, your teacher must wait until the next half hour slot. This is very easily avoided and we ask that you respect your teachers time.

Make up Lessons

If you adhere to the cancellation policy, a make up lesson will be organised through the term. If for whatever reason we cannot organise a lesson through the term, you will be expected to take your make up lesson/s through the next school holidays.


  1. Lesson prices are inclusive of GST and vary depending on what you’re booked in for. Please contact us if you’re unsure of pricing. 
  2. Students are expected to attend the full amount of lessons in the term. Term dates are written on each invoice. If there are 10 lessons in the term, you are expected to attend 10 lessons.
  3. If you are late to a lesson, no extra time will be given.
  4. If you need to talk to your teacher, please do this in your lesson time or via email or text. Please do not interrupt another students lesson.
  5. If you are going to be away for more than 2 weeks, please discuss this with Danielle.
  6. Due to compromised immune systems at Vocal Adrenaline, we must strictly ask that if you are sick or have any symptoms that may be contagious (coughing, running nose etc) do not come to class. If you come to class sick, you will be sent home and the lesson will be charged as normal. It is a workplace health and safety risk if you come to our studio with contagious symptoms and we take this very seriously.
  7. Lessons are always on public holidays as normal unless otherwise stated by your teacher.
  8. If you are invited to join our Eisteddfod Team, each student is required to purchase the Vocal Adrenaline hoodie (please refer to the Shop).


  1. Communication of any kind outside of class must be done via text or email to Danielle. We understand that you may want to talk to us on the phone and we are happy to organise this via appointment, but due to the large volume of students, we need a digital copy of every conversation so that nothing can be miscommunicated.
  2. Parents are asked not to contact any teachers outside of class besides Danielle as this creates a lot of confusion.
  3. If you feel that you need to talk to us over the phone, please first send a text or email with your query and then Danielle will phone you to discuss the matter.
  4. We use the file sharing system Dropbox to share all songs, lyrics, notes etc. These are connected with both yourself and your teacher. If for some reason you cannot use Dropbox, please bring a USB to each class.

Note: Please remember that if you are a student or parent of student in Vocal Adrenaline, you automatically accept these conditions.

Media Release Form

The undersigned enters into this Agreement with Vocal Adrenaline Performing Arts (“the Producer”). I have been informed and understand that the Producer is producing both photographic and digital recordings and that my performance is being recorded and may be made a part of that production (“Product”). Product shall be released under the title:

  1. I grant the Producer and its designees the right to use my name, likeness, image, voice, appearance, and performances as embodied in the Product, whether recorded on or transferred to photographs, audio tapes, digital media, or other media, now known or later developed. This grant includes without limitation the right to edit, mix, or duplicate, and to use or re-use the Product in whole or part as Producer may elect. The Producer or its designee shall have complete ownership of the Product in which I appear, including copyright interests, and I acknowledge that I have no interest or ownership in the Product or its copyright.
  2. I also grant the Producer and its designees the right to broadcast, exhibit, and otherwise distribute the Product, either in whole or in parts, and either alone or with other products.
  3. I confirm that I have the right to enter into this Agreement, that I am not restricted by any commitments to other parties, and that the Producer has no financial commitment or obligations to me as a result of the Agreement. I expressly release and indemnify the Producer and its officer, employees, agents and designees from any and all claims known and unknown arising out of or in any way connected with the above granted uses and representations. The rights granted Producer herein are perpetual and worldwide.